Putting the right message with the right tools for the right audience

    From cave paintings to the internet, throughout history people have always found ways to communicate with each other. We now have more means of doing so than ever before and the tools available to effect that communication are increasing at an unprecedented rate.

    At MARDEN we believe in the age old adage that the tools used to execute communication are only as good as the quality of the message being communicated. Communication tools come and go but the right message can last a lifetime.

    With over 20 years’ experience in message delivery we pride ourselves in providing a singularly focused communication service for our clients.

    Our team offers a highly tailored approach to problem solving and product promotion. Whether your market place is in the private or public sector or indeed amongst those political stakeholders that effect national change, we have extensive experience in developing and delivering strategies that are married to your needs and marketing objectives. Strategies that are built around:

    • done Fully understanding the nature of your business
    • done Helping you craft your message
    • done Identifying and understanding your audience
    • done Articulating your message to them


    Whether through one communication platform or across all communication platforms it is our view that getting these fundamentals right is the recipe to success. It is a recipe we have applied successfully to the engineering, financial services, medical device, pharmaceuticals, retail and travel industries.

    We combine your objectives and knowledge of your business with our skills to form a working partnership. Together we identify and understand your target audience. Together we ensure that the multifarious communication technologies available today are used to assist your objectives not hinder them.

    We make your business our business. We work with you to devise the right plan for success and we help you to implement it.

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